Far Cry 6 Left Me Hanging

I’m torn about Far Cry 6 more than any other game that I’ve played lately. The Cuba-inspired island of Yara is beautifully constructed with mountains, beaches, hidden caves, treasures to find, and people to kill in many different ways.

The game offers up a relatively interesting story about a corrupt dictator, Anton Castillo (played by the bad guy from Breaking Bad) who essentially enslaves his own people to create this miracle cancer-curing drug called Viviro that, as no surprise to anyone, can also be used a chemical weapon. Castillo also has a son, Diego that he’s prepping to become the next dictator. Diego is probably, like, 14 or something and he’s very reluctant about following in his father’s footsteps. As per the firmly established Far Cry model, you play as the lone savior, Dani to take down the big bad insane person (pretty much) single-handedly.

While playing through the campain and a number of side mission (about 45hrs in total) it felt like the team that created this game had a number of boxes to check that were given to them from their leadership and they did just that. The game sticks to the already established formula of the series. You meet some whacky character, they tell you they need something, you go a place swarming with enemies, you scout them out, kill the enemies, go back to mission start, your level increases. I can imagine the executive sponsor’s phone call to FC7 team lead going something like this, “did we get at least an 8 on IGN? Yes? Great. Let’s move-on to 7”. It’s mindless fun and worth the $60 if you can swing it.

I’m not going to talk much about the repetitive missions, the solid gunplay, or its shortfalls of representing an authentic Latin American culture (seriously, why wasn’t this whole game in Spanish?). What I want to talk about is how absolutely fuckin’ stupid the ending is.

So, towards the end of the game, Clara, the main leader of your resistance group, La Libertad (lots of Libertard jokes) gets killed by main antagonist, Anton Castillo. This is the catalyst that turns your character into the de-facto leader of Libertad. This is where the fuckery begins.

For whatever reason, everyone just decides to put Dani in charge. The guy who just showed up to camp and kills literally anyone and everyone that he’s asked to without question. What kind of leader is that? Where’s the compassion? Why didn’t Ubisoft include some type of decision system like they did with AC Valhalla to at least provide the illusion that Dani is capable of rational thought? Instead, Dani is now the leader of Libertad but he’s still being told what to do by others and blindly follows orders. This is a wasted opportunity to include the half-built Los Banditos Operations mini-game into the fold to further establish Dani as a true leader.

The last mission of the game has you storm the main city of Esperanto with your army (how did they get this many fuckin’ people on their side?) in one final battle that ends with you face-to-face with Castillo. In this scene, Castillo and Dani have some dialog about how many people they’ve both killed (“we’re not so different, you and I” type vibe), then Castillo kills his son, then himself. Screen fades to black, Yara doesn’t have a dictator, life is good. Game over.

There is no indication of what the hell happens after their country’s dictator murdered his own son, then committed suicide. What happens to the Viviro? What’s the Yaran chain of command? What does the post-credit scene with Vaas have to do with anything in the main story? I wasn’t expecting this game to include a narrative that rivals more story-driven games, but this is brutal. It’s like the Ubisoft staff was writing the script and forgot to finish it.

Like I said before, the game itself is really fun, I just feel like I deserved to get something more from this FC6 after putting in the effort to play through the campaign.

All-in-all, I guess Ubisoft and I both got what we wanted. I was able to scratch that 1st person shooter open-world itch, and Ubi got their 8/10.

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